dimarts, 15 de desembre de 2009

dramatic cinema

one of the masters of the english cinema is mike leigh. With his social and urban sight, the Lancashire film maker surprise us with one of his best films, secrets and lies, a raw portait of the english society.

for more information, here you have the wikipedia link:


dimecres, 9 de desembre de 2009

documental cinema

one of the genres that sometimes is missed is the documental cinema,
grizzley man is a great work, where we see the sight of a special man where we can explore around the limits that we can find between nature and culture.
werner herzog is the film maker, he is having a great work, we can find refernces about him in:

dimarts, 24 de novembre de 2009

About our last lecture

here, you have a web where you con find interesting information about the cinematografic language, if you want to have a general idea about cinema movements of camera, cinema cut's, music and cinema... it's a really usefull thing,



We have done the scripts, we have imagine the cuts, the sequences, the scenes, the whole scenary, the carachters, we also thought about the production, and from time to time with the toals that we need (camera, program edition...) everything must be ready for the next class, we ‘ll be able to start.
Actress, Illumination, sound, fotometre... everything.

dimarts, 10 de novembre de 2009

john ford

when someone ask to Orson Welles whose are the 3 main directors of the history of cinema he asked "John Ford, John Ford and Jhn Ford", there's no doubt about his genious value.
"Anybody can direct a picture once they know the fundamentals. Directing is not a mystery, it’s not an art. The main thing about directing is: photograph the people’s eyes. "

- John Ford

Enjoy him.

divendres, 30 d’octubre de 2009

John Huston

he is the director of the maltese falcon, if we read that we can realise that is one of the most interesting biographies that you have ever known in XXth century...
look that and we will comment next lecture:




Cinc cèntims de la formació que podem tenir pel 9 de desembre, jo he triat la primera, però si penseu diferent, feu'm-ho saber.

Vocabulari cinematogràfic.
explicació del flashback, contrapicat, raccord, encadenat... formació sobre el lèxic cinematogràfic.

L'enquadrament: el camp i el fora de camp.
Com veiem el cinema i les seves implicacions.

Planfiquem la mirada: story board.

De Chaplin a Tarantino.
conèixer el cinema clàssic ens donarà les claus per entendre el cinema actual.

Deconstruint l'espectacle cinematogràfic.
A partir d'exemples actuals com aquests, analitzarem què entra en joc a l'hora de convertir una peça cinematogràfica en un esdeveniment mediàtic tan popular com espectacular.